Year 5 Homework



Homework this week , due in Tuesday next week, is as follows:



– Maths – set by their maths group

Mrs Edwards Maths sheet due TOMORROW

Mr Everden – on a piece of paper draw 5 shapes change the scale factor by either 2,3 or 5


English – Write a non-chronological report about someone you admire. This could be a parent, TV star or footballer. You really could choose anyone! Just make sure you know a lot about them!


Reading- Reading records being signed has increased, but please ensure this happens daily. It’s really important, if it’s not signed children immediately lose golden time. So, please read with your child as much as possible, or, as a minimum ensure they read a part of their book every night.


Spellings – see previous blog




Mr Everden amd Mrs Edwards

Year 5 (Amos) Spellings

Amos class spellings up until the end of this term


wk beginning 26th January – caught, grammar, opposite, centre, group, ordinary, century, guard, particular, certain, guide, peculiar.

wk beginning 2nd February – circle heard perhaps, complete, heart, popular, consider, height, position, continue, history, possess(ion).

wk beginning 9th February – decide, imagine, possible, describe, increase, potatoes, different, important, pressure, difficult, interest, probably.

wk beginning 16th February (Half Term) (test will be on the first day back after half term back along with 12 random words from previous weeks) – disappear, island, promise, suppose, surprise, therefore, though/although, thought, through various,
weight, woman/women.


Please practice these by writing them into sentences. This list will also be put onto the school website in case you need further lists. The test will be on the following Monday, so if they are given out on the 26th January the test will be on 2nd February.

Homework Year 5 – Weekend



Excellent work from both classes this week. The homework is attached below (it was also handed out), please return by Tuesday. If there are any issues please speak to your class teacher on Monday.


In addition to this please remember sumdog. I have reissued the passes for everybody. I will look at the data at the end of the week. The person who has scored highest will recieve a special prize from Mr. Everden.


Have a great and interesting weekend,


Mr Everden and Mrs Edwards


.y5_money_riddles 2