Mentos and Coke experiment

Today we conducted an experiment to investigate if the final product of mixing Mentos and Coke together would be a reversible or irreversible change.

We dropped the Mentos to the bottom of the bottle, which began forming lots and lots of bubbles. The liquid and solid both react and their states of matter change. It causes more carbon dioxide bubbles, and the rising bubbles react with carbon dioxide that is still dissolved in the liquid. When all of this gas is released it forces the liquid up and out of the bottle in a giant whooshing geyser of sticky coke. The kids loved it. 

Science week experiments

This week we celebrated science week by doing an afternoon of exciting experiments. Both year 5 classes were able to engage in the experiments. The first was to understand how lava lamps were created. For this we used oil, water and food colouring. The next experiment was to find out which liquid dissolves the sweets the fastest. This involved sweets, vinegar, water and oil. We had great fun.

Science Week! :) Which liquid dissolves the sweet the fastest?

Today in Science, we conducted an investigation to discover which of three liquids would dissolve a love heart sweet the fastest.

In our groups, we set up three different containers: one with oil, one with vinegar and one with water. We had to make sure we had the same amount of liquid in each group to ensure it was a fair test. We then dropped the sweets into each and timed how long it took for each sweet to dissolve.

We predicted that that vinegar would dissolve the sweet the fastest, then the water and finally the oil. Our prediction was correct as our results showed that the vinegar did in fact dissolve the sweet the fastest. The water was next and finally the oil.

Homework 14/03/19

Remember to practice your spellings and multiplications for this week. Homework is due in on Tuesday morning.


After the practice in class, you are now to complete the 3-mark question. Remember P.E.E.


Complete the worksheets on naming properties of 3D shapes.


Write a fact file on Oscar Romero, about his life and actions which were influenced by God.


Complete the sheet on reversible and irreversible changes

Constructing 3D Shapes

Today in Numeracy, we were using interlocking cubes to create our very own 3D shapes. When we had constructed our   3D shapes, we practiced looking at the shape from different perspective. It was interesting to see that each shape could look completely different depending on the perspective.

Homework 07/03/19

Year 5 Homework 07/03/19

Remember to practice your spellings and multiplications for this week. Homework is due in on Tuesday morning.


Read the comprehension ‘Kidnapped’ and answer the questions.

We will be marking this together as a class on Tuesday.

Make sure you read the questions and make sure that your answers make sense ☺


Complete the worksheets on calculating the area and perimeter of shapes.


Research some facts about Oscar Romero and write 3 paragraphs about him (for example: early life, what work did he do, interesting facts etc)


Research the country of your choice and write a fact file about it.

Some ideas of what to include


What language is spoken there?

What is the capital city?

Any famous landmarks?

Who runs the country? Do they have a president? Or King/Queen?

Maths class: Perimeter and Area

Today in Numeracy, we were learning about the perimeter of shapes. To consolidate our understanding of what perimeter is, we went out onto the playground and worked in groups to measure the perimeters of numerous different shapes which had been drawn on the ground using chalk. We also measured the perimeter of the entire front playground and came together to compare our measurements.