Interfaith Week Diwali

For Interfaith week, Year 4 have been studying  the Hindu festival of Diwali.

As a year group, we acted out the story of Rama and Sita and explores why candles are an important symbol for Hindus. We also learnt a song about Diwali and created actions to help us remember the words. Miss Smith and Miss Attard also had a go and the children thoroughly enjoyed watching their teachers have a go!



Sita and Rama were banished to the forest by the king.

While they were there, Sita was kidnapped by the ten headed demon Ravana.

Rama and his brother Lakshman asked Hanuman the monkey king for help.

There was a long battle.  Rama defeated Ravana by shooting him with a special arrow and saved Sita.

The people were so happy, they lit candles to light the way home for Rama and Sita.

So, why do you think Diwali is called the festival of light?

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