Advent and The Jesse Tree

This week in Year 1 we have been sharing our own family trees, and learning about Jesus’ family tree – The Jesse Tree; as one of the traditions of Advent. A chronological countdown of the scriptural events occuring before Jesus’ birth.

We enjoyed colouring the images during RE, and decorating our tree in preparation to retell a piece of Biblical history each day during the countdown to the birth of Christ.

Tobit class Jesse Tree
Ezra class Jesse Tree

Tobit class Mass

Father Keith visited Tobit class for their first class mass in Year 1.

We really enjoyed leading the mass, reflecting, saying prayers and singing hymns. A big thank you to Father Keith for celebrating mass for us, and to the parents / carers who attended.

Kings and Queens Day

To launch our topic ‘Kings and Queens’, we came into school dressed up as members of royalty.  We learnt about the different types of monarchs, what they wore and why the sword, Bible and pens are so important. We also role-played how royalty act and knighted a few pupils.  We made our own crowns and capes we had lots of fun!

Buddhism Assembly

This week in Year 1 we have been learning about different religions to celebrate interfaith week.

Today Key Stage 1 had an assembly to learn more about the Buddhist religion. We learned the story of Buddha, the different Buddhist symbols, and thought about the similarities and differences to the Catholic faith.