Weather Reporters

This week in science we have been observing and recording the weather.

Today we have been practising to be weather reporters.

We all agreed to use a loud clear voice, to speak clearly and at a

good pace. We also had to use weather terminology such as celsius,

heavy rain, light rain, sunny, mild, windy and many more.

Stations of the Cross

This week Ezra and Tobit class visited our local church to learn about the Stations of the Cross. We listened to Father Keith tell us about the 14 different stations. We then walked around the church and saw it depicted in stone.

Science Day!

For science day we created science experiments linked to our topic ‘Seasonal Changes’.

We learned about windmills and how they can help turn wind into energy. We then created our own miniature windmills using paper, glue, straws and split pins.

We also created a snowstorm in a bottle. We mixed water, paint, glitter and oil in a bottle. We then dropped an Alka Seltzer into the bottle and watched it explode! The chemical reaction that took place really looked like a snowstorm!

World Book Day

Today we enjoyed celebrating World Book Day.

Ezra and Tobit class were lucky to have some visitors from Year 5!

The children worked together to choose a story and read it together. Then they worked as authors to write a blurb, and illustrators, drawing pictures from the book!

Another group of Year 1 children went to Year 5 for the afternoon and enjoyed watching and reading the story of ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’.

Thank you Jonah and Amos class for a special day!

Here are some pictures:

The Seasons

This half term in science, we are learning about seasonal changes.

Take a look at some of the fabulous season boxes the children made for their half term homework project.

Can you guess the season?