The Geffrye Museum

Year 1 enjoyed a visit from the Geffrye Museum for our topic on ‘Homes and Houses’. We looked at pictures of living rooms from the Tudor, Victorian and Edwardian era. We learned that before the invention of electricity, people would use candles made from beeswax (if they were lucky!) oil lamps and coal. We got to explore many artefacts from the past and compare them to the technology we have today!

Acrostic Poems

This week in Literacy we learned how to write an acrostic poem.

We used the letters in the word ‘wolf’ to begin each line of the poem. We had lots of fun creating words / phrases and sentences and sharing them with our classes.

Then we created an acrostic poem about ourselves using the letters in our name!

Have a look at some of the examples below:

Digital Camera

Homes and Houses

Here are some of the holiday projects the children made during the Christmas holiday!

The children enjoyed showing the homes they made for one of the three little pigs, and answering questions about their creations.

Some very detailed and creative work. Well done Year 1!