The Victorian Beach

We have had a busy week in Year 1. In Literacy we thought of adjectives to describe the characters in Little Red Riding Hood. We also thought of questions to ask the Wolf and role-played with our partners as we posed our questions!









In Science we learnt about our sense of hearing. We learnt the names of the different parts of the ear and how sound travels by sound waves. We used two cups and a piece of string to test it out!










In Topic we learnt about the differences between a trip to the beach today, and what it would have been like in the Victorian era. We learnt about the different clothes people wore, the different games they played and how tools such as; buckets and spades were made out of different materials because plastic hadn’t been invented! What a great era for the environment!

We then got to ‘time travel’ to a Victorian beach, where we got to sample a Victorian Penny Lick ice cream! Fortunately… we didn’t have to share it with our friends, and we got to have one each!

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