Nature Sculptures

Nature Sculptures

Inspired by sculpture – Andy Goldsworthy, the children of year one explored making their own sculptures using things found in nature. Here are some initial ideas.

St Peter and St Paul Mass

Well done to everyone for working hard to make St Peter and St Paul mass a success. All readers were brave to stand up in front of such a big audience and everyone sang beautifully. Thank you for all parents and carers for coming.

Fruit or Vegetables ?


Did you know…… cucumbers are fruitsĀ 

In Science, year one have been learning to identify the differences between a fruit and a Vegetable. The children found out all fruits have seeds inside. Here are some pictures of the children taking a closer look.

The Day Nora Came !

We have been learning about Nora a greedy guts who likes to eat all sorts of nuts ! She whizzed to the moon after doing a huge burp. Our classrooms were ruined by this mysterious girl who left all sorts of wrappers on the floor.


Sports Day

Thank you to all parents who attended sports day. The children had lots of fun and enjoyed the different activities. Everyone showed good sportsmanship. Well done for putting up with the heat !

Soane Center

We went to the Soane centre, a nature reserve. This is where the plants and wildlife are protected. We used nets to sweep the long grass to look for tiny insects. We found lots of flies, some beetles and even a grasshopper. We looked around the woods and saw some yellow snails and black and white snails. We also learnt how to use a magnifying glass. We had lots of fun.