Half Term Homework

Well done for working hard this half term. Below is the half term homework. The phonics screening will happen shortly after the half term so, it is really important to practise phonics at home. A pack of phonics activities have been sent home to support revision.

Half term homework

Miss Peck and Miss Cheung

Art and Design

In year one we have been making our own biplanes. First we decided what we wanted are wings to look like and then chose a material. We could use, wood or foam. Below are some of us decorating our wings. We had so much fun and can’t wait until we finish them, keep checking our blog to see the final results.

Come Fly with Us !

Today, Tobit class had lots of fun at City Airport. We had lots of fun watching the aeroplanes landing and taking off. At the airport we saw lots of different people doing different jobs, there were pilots, police officers and people working in different shops. Here are what some children thought about the trip:

” We saw a little pond and some aeroplanes going down into the little pong because it might not have no air in it”

“When we saw the aeroplanes fly off they were very big on the runway”

“The trip was fun. When the aeroplanes were coming off it was a little white one, my mum said it was a private one. We saw three aeroplanes”

“The trip was a bit good”

“I saw the planes land and take off it made me feel really happy” 

It’s Grown !

This week in science we observed our plants to see if they had grown or not.  We learnt that if you do not water a plant it will not grow. We also found out that a plant left in the dark will still grow, however, it turns a white colour due to the lack of sunlight.  We had lots of fun!

Science Fun !

In Science this week we have been looking closely at flowers. The children got to pull the flowers apart to feel the roots, petals, leaves and stem. Here are what some children had to say:

‘ the roots feels like carpet’

‘ the petals reminds me of wings’

‘ the bulb smells like an onion’