Balloon Race

Balloon Race

Last day of this half term was extra special because we had a balloon race. We all got to release a balloon. Hopefully, they will travel really far and someone will let us know by sending us something through the mail.

Here are some thoughts from year one.

” It was like it was raining balloons” – Jake

“It was like a flying rainbow” – Frankie

” It was like it was a rainbow” – Lexee

” It made me feel happy and it was like God was giving us a present” – Kadyn-Jae

“It was like it was snowing balloons…and it was fun letting the balloons go” Melanie

3 comments on “Balloon Race

  • Delcros François says:

    Hello! My name is Francois, i’m french. On the 18th of february 2018, my father has found one of your balloon! On this balloon i can read : Gulia Ezra (1) number 05906. This balloon was found in France, région: Occitanie (ex Midi Pyrénées) city: Grammat 46500. It took time to contact us because my father don’t learn english
    i Hope your student Ezra will be happy to know that! i hope you will answer to my mail to have news about this fantastic story!
    May God bless Ezra and bless your school!

    • Miss Cheung says:

      Dear Francois,
      I am happy to see my balloon found. If your balloon goes the farthest you win cinema tickets. I hope I win. Thank you for finding my balloon and writing to me.
      From Gulia.

  • Delcros François says:

    Dear Ezra,

    Today i posted your balloon card, you will receive it quite quickly. I wish you all the best!


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