Our body parts

This week in Science, we identified, named and labelled the basic parts of the human body.

We warmed up with the song; ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes’, and learned the names of different body parts.

We had lots of fun drawing around our friends and placing labels on a real life model!

A wonderful start to the year!

It has been both fun and exciting settling into Year 1.

The children have spent time getting to know their new surroundings and the more structured timetable in Year 1, although they will still enjoy less structured times everyday for this first half term.

We have been super busy doing; Writing, Numeracy, RE, Art, PE and Reading. The children have enjoyed getting to know where their carpet spaces are, where their base tables are, where everything goes and there was lots of excitement about getting their own drawers! 

The children shared their summer books with their class where they got to talk about their news, stories and photographs! It was lovely to get to know the children and their families.

Museum of Childhood

Year 1 were very excited to visit the Museum of Childhood.  We looked at different toys and learnt how some toys have changed over the years.  We enjoyed looking at the puppets and dolls houses and even got to ride a rocking horse. We also visited a workshop; ‘Toys on a Timeline’, where we looked at and compared toys from two generations. After that we got to play with the toys and games from the past including; a Rubik’s cube, 3D glasses, Tiddlywinks and Action Man. We had lots of fun!

Year 1 Mass – Feast of the Sacred Heart

Today Year 1 hosted Mass at St Mary and St Joseph Rc Church. The children worked hard learning their lines for the Procession of Faith and the Intercessions. We enjoyed singing our school hymns that we have learnt, and reflecting on all the ‘shepherds’ in our lives who help us.

Is it a fruit or a vegetable?

In science for our topic on ‘Plants’, we identified and classified different fruit and vegetables. We talked about their differences and learnt that they are all plants because of how they grow. We named different foods and then decided if they were a fruit or a vegetable. Finally we learnt that some foods we think are vegetables are actually fruit!



For ‘Toy Day’, we brought our favourite toy into school for our topic on ‘Toys’. We named and described our toy and shared the reasons why it is our favourite toy.

We talked about different toys we played with when we were younger and then thought about how we might find out about toys from the past. We wondered what our parents and grandparents played with when they were little!

We talked about the different materials the toys are made of and how they are made.