Duck Eggs!

This week in Reception we received six duck eggs. We looked at their shape, size and colour and predicted how many of the eggs would hatch! The children were very excited to see the first duckling hatch out of its egg. We had fun thinking of names for the ducklings and wrote a list. We painted pictures of the ducks and used our phonics skills to help us to label them.

In Literacy we read the big book; ‘Move Over!’, a story about a farmer who bought a new water bed. Ask your child to tell you what farm animals they can remember from the story and what the goat did?!

In Maths we have revisited subtraction. The children practised taking away using objects and recorded their number sentences. We also introduced ‘number bonds’ to 10 (or ‘friends of 10’) when recording take away sentences;

10-9=1    10-8=2    10-7=3   10-6=4   10-5=5

We looked to see if we could notice any patterns.

Next week we will continue to explore the different ways of making 10 and 20.

Have a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend!



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