The Gruffalo Trip!

We have had another busy week in Reception with; Science week, The Gruffalo trip, and Ruth class Mass.

In Literacy we read the story; ‘The Meanies Came to School’. The children enjoyed reading about monsters or “meanies” that come to school and disrupt the class by doing all sorts of bad things. We talked about classroom behaviour and wrote a list of classroom rules for the Meanies!

In Maths the children were introduced to measuring and size. We had lots of fun ordering shoes by size and measuring their length using unifix cubes.

We would like to thank the parents who attended Ruth class mass on Monday 12th March. The children worked hard practising and learning their lines and hymns for the mass. They even created their own actions for the songs and showed them to Father Keith. He was very proud of the way the children took part in the mass.


As an Early Years phase we have had great fun taking part in science week. The children took part in a variety of scientific activities such as; ‘colour mixing scientists’ and ‘floating and sinking explorers’! They talked about what they could see, made predictions and explored the results.

Finally we had a fantastic day at the Gruffalo park! We searched for the animals in the story, made 3D mouse houses, and made a collection string of the objects we found.

Here are some pictures:


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