Chinese Restaurant!

This week in shared reading we read the story; ‘New Trainers’. We made predictions about the story and matched the sight words; ‘was’ ‘got’ ‘no’ and ‘it’ as we read the story together.

In maths the children learned about money. We talked about what money is used for and looked at 1p, 2p and 5p coins. The children ‘shopped’ in our shoe and chocolate shop and counted out the number of coins for the different price tags. We then bought two and three items by adding the coins together to find the total. The children were very good at adding and worked hard to represent the items in a number sentence.

With Valentines Day approaching the children shared the people they love and their reasons why. We wrote valentines cards and remembered to; ‘say the word, robot the word and write the word’, so that we could hear all the sounds. We also enjoyed designing our cards painting patterns.

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the children have had fun role-playing in our ‘Chinese Restaurant’ outdoors. They have been ‘cooking’, reading menus, writing orders and serving customers!

Thank you for sending in lots of Chinese artefacts to enrich our outdoor role-play.

We wish you all a wonderful weekend!





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