Our Week

This week Reception have been busy continuing to make new friends and adjusting to school life. The children have settled in well and have enjoyed painting portraits of themselves, sharing their “me books” and learning about Andy Warhol. The children have been enjoying the outdoor area, making the most of the good weather. They are particularly keen on the mud kitchen.

Our Week

This week we have been busy learning all about 3D shapes. We are still hunting for the Gingerbread Man ! This week, instead of a postcard we got a video message from Pirate Pete. He has seen the Gingerbread Man on his ship and asked us to write our ideas for how to catch the Gingerbread man. Below are some of the ideas. We have also been visiting our teachers in year One ready for next year.

Our week

This week, we have had lots of visitors and the Reception children have been very welcoming towards the new Nursery children, starting in September. We have been busy setting up a bakery, the children made salt-dough biscuits and painted them. In Maths we have been learning all about subtraction and giving change.

Chalkwell Beach

Reception really enjoyed their trip to Chalkwell beach. They enjoyed playing in the sand, paddling in the sea and when the tide receded they looked for different wildlife. Everyone had a fun time and thank you to all parents/carers for volunteering.

Our Week

In Reception we have been busy preparing for Fathers Day. The children made gingerbread men and cards for someone in their family. Thank you to all parents and carers for coming to Fathers day sports morning and well done to Ruth class for all their hard work, preparing for their assembly.