Sermon on the Mount

This week we have been learning about the Sermon on the Mount. We acted out different ways how we can follow Jesus’ teachings. We all agreed we should be kind, forgiving, caring and to sit nicely during carpet time so we can be peaceful.


This week we have continued to celebrate Chinese New Year by making dragons and cooking vegetable noodles. The children look forward to more cooking opportunities.

Preparing for Chinese New Year

This week we have been preparing to Celebrate Chinese New Year. The children have been enjoying role playing in the Chinese Restaurant and designing rats, as it is the year of the rat. The children have also been learning more about winter and dressing appropriately for the cold weather. In phonics we have been learning more diagraphs.

The Meanies Came to School

This week the children have been reading the Meanies came to school. They have been writing some rules for the the Meanies so they can learn how to look after a classroom. The children have also been creating their own Meanies using paint and shredded paper. In the garden they have been exploring melting and freezing.

Welcome back

The children have all been excited to see their friends after the break. We started the school year by going to the church. This week we have been sharing holiday news and reading stories about Arctic animals. Below are some paintings of their favourite gifts.

Christmas Festivities

This week the children have been getting really festive and celebrated Christmas having a class party, watching the annual talent show. The children have worked hard this week writing letters to Santa and designing their own Christmas jumpers. They enjoyed the class party the most, playing pass the parcel and dancing with their friends.