13 comments on “AT2 Autumn 2- Year 1 & 2

  • Chloe Tobit says:

    I feel frustrated when I have to wait, but I try to be patient because I know being patient is a very good thing to do.

  • Tevarie says:

    Tevarie in year 1 said when waiting for something he sometimes feels bored because it is taking to long. He also said he feels excited when it is quick.

  • Tate Hill says:

    I feel sad because I don’t like waiting, but I understand sometimes you need to wait and be patient. You can help others, like helping my mummy fold clothes.

  • Sapphire Modeste says:

    I feel bored because they are taking a long time and I have nothing to do but wait.

  • Sidney Ambunga says:

    When you have to wait for something , you feel inpatient sometimes ,you get bored and tired of waiting. Because it might feel like you are waiting forever and nothing is happening.

  • Oscar Egbunike says:

    I feel excited because of the thought of getting really nice stuff like at Christmas because I love getting presents.

  • Seweryn Nataniel Ostrowski says:

    Sad as waiting is very long sometimes its nice to get something without waiting.

  • Caterina Meschini says:

    When I have to wait for something I feel frustrated, because I don’t like waiting for something I desire.

  • Christopher Fitzgerald says:

    When I have to wait for something it makes me sad because I have to wait for a very long time.


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