15 comments on “AT2- Year 5 Spring 2

  • Vera M YEAR5A says:

    I think no be a use you should be all the time to parent &families and your friends and your techer

  • I think no because we get rewarded by making someone feel better when we be nice to them.

  • Rohan.M Year 5 Amos says:

    I think no because if you get rewarded all the time, then you might always show positive actions. However, if you don’t get rewarded even if you show positive actions, then you might know this,
    “If you don’t always get rewarded for doing the right thing, then showing positive actions means it’s a thing you should do everyday.”
    This scenario is a bit like eating breakfast. You eat breakfast everyday but you don’t get rewarded all the time. Only maybe once or twice. Like when you first eat breakfast without help/you make your own breakfast and eat it by yourself.

  • I don’t think you should be rewarded because then everyone would just do things to win a reward. You should behave every day even if you don’t get rewarded because that’s the right thing to do.

  • I think no because in one way you can be able to do good things and you can see how much you can do with the way you behave.

  • Rhys Ponponne-Aikins says:

    Rhys says:

    No we shouldn’t have to be rewarded because goodness is it’s own reward.

  • I don’t think you should be rewarded for doing the right thing. You should make a choice based on what you think is right. If someone thinks you deserve a treat for doing that then that is up to them.

  • natalia canty year 5 AMOS says:

    I think you shouldn’t always get a reward because one day when you don’t get one your gonna get angry and if you get a reward all the time it is selfish because nobody else gets it just you. Also if you always get a reward it would not be fair on your friends because its things your suppose to do in your daily life and you shouldnt just do something good to get a reward its supposed to be your choice.

  • Cienna Harry says:

    I think not because then people are just going to do nice things to get nice things. They also might lie to get nice things.


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