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  • Miss Peck says:

    Tobit Class

    Zara ” Looking after my little sister”
    Hollie – “Staying with my mum and listening to Jesus”
    Beatriz – ” I need to do things for my baby brother Lucas and help my mum to look after Mattoe”
    Keon ” To listen to my mum and dad and listen to the rules”
    Riley ” I should help my my and listen to our teachers”
    Melanie ” To follow the Golden rules and do the right thing”
    Frankie ” My little sister Angelina and taking care of all my family”
    Jessica – Jade ” I listen to Jesus and I love my family and my baby brother Alfie”
    Steven – ” To read a Bible, to listen to my family”
    Ava – ” I keep safe in my house”
    Zzyyhzzyy – ” Looking after my mum when she is sick”
    Mason – ” Make sure my family are safe”
    Noella – “Looking after myself and listening to my family”
    Veronica – ” School and my hamster and my family”
    Jake – ” My hamster”
    Caterina – ” To listen to the world, to listen to Jesus, Mary and God”
    Blake – ” Listening to my dad and listen to my family and football”
    Niamh – ” My teachers and my family”
    Angel – ” That I help my dad when he makes the dinner, I help my dad when he falls down”
    Shayna – “To help my mum”
    Harley – “My teachers and my mum and dad”
    Malakai – “I have to read the Bible every day”
    Adam – ” My dad, my brother, my mum my hamster”
    Jude ” I feed my dog and give him water”
    Leah – Rose ” My family and make sure they don’t feel sick”

    • Miss Peck says:

      Demi – May ” My hamster, my goldfish, my family and my mum’s baby”
      Winner “Helping my mum”

  • what is important in my life is my family and my friends and of course god because he made us and he created us and he has tried his hardest and he really touched me .He is the father of the world so look how he has treated us so we should treat him like the exact same as he has done to the people on the earth.What else is important in my life is my auntie and uncle cousins .What else is important is Jesus its nearly Easter a time when Jesus rose from the dead

  • Delina says:

    The most inportant thing in my life is my family and God and Jesus and all the saints because they are kind and they love us

  • Brian M says:

    We should listen to the teachers and let them speak to us to understand what we should do.

  • Joelinda says:

    the most inportant thing in my life is defently my family then Jesus because my family will always love me wherever they are and Jesus is always there like right now he is standing next to me and it makes me feel that im realy alive talking to Jesus and also its coming nere easter so Jesus will defently be there because he is the special person that rose from the dead he is the one.So to me in my life the most inpotant things in my LIFE! is my family as you can see by the reasons and Jesus as you can see by the reasons.

  • Lukas Tamasauskas says:

    In my life is important about my love and life, because I love being a life.

  • Ajani L says:

    The most important thing in my life is Jesus and my family because they look after me and love me


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