St Matthias Homeless Shelter

On Shrove Tuesday, we went to St Matthias to help prepare the shelter for the homeless. We helped the ladies from Neighbours in Poplar and Sister Christine dress the beds and put clean towels and fresh socks at the end of every bed in order to make the homeless as comfortable as possible. We also helped cook in the kitchen with our teachers and managed to flip a few scrumptious pancakes successfully to give to those in need. We are delighted to have brought light to those going through some darkness! 🙂

Communion Club- First Reconciliation

Today in communion club, our children started preparing for their First Reconciliation. They learned how to prepare for their special time of forgiveness. Here is the structure in order to practise:

Preparing for your special time of Forgiveness

Think about what you are sorry for.

  • What have you done wrong?
  • How have you hurt people and made them unhappy?
  • What have you not done that you should have done?

Celebrating your First Reconciliation

Sign of the Cross

Bless me Father for I have sinned,

This is my First Confession.

I would like to say sorry to God for what I have done wrong.

I am sorry for…..(Then tell God what you are sorry for.)


Remember to complete your penance as soon as you can. To show God you are really sorry, the priest will ask you to do something special or say some prayers.

Act of Contrition (Prayer you say to the priest during confession to say sorry)

Oh my God,

because you are so good

I am very sorry

that I have sinned against you,

and with the help of your love,

I will not sin again.



First Reconciliation (confession) takes place at Poplar on Monday March 6th and at Limehouse on Thursday March 9th. Both start at 6:00pm SHARP. You can attend either.



Also, we are remembering when we are in church, we need to respect God’s house.

OLSJ Chaplaincy Team

Presenting to you the very first OLSJ Chaplaincy Team.

Joella Mama – Year 5 Jonah


River Ross – Year 5 Jonah


Ruth Donkor – Year 5 Amos


Chris – Year 5 Amos


We are OLSJ’s Chaplaincy Team for this year.

Our role is the following:

  • To help the school to be a community of faith.
  • To encourage the pupils to live their faith in daily living.
  • To develop good relationships within and beyond the school community.
  • To support Liturgy, prayer and the spiritual life of the school.
  • To involve pupils in fundraising for charities.
  • To continue to develop strong links with the Parish.
  • To support the school in its Mission Statement, ‘With Christ at our centre, we love listen and learn’.

We have lots of ideas of how we can fulfil our roles. Here are some of them:

  • Help to prepare and leads weekly prayer group.
  • Organise various charity fund-raising events.
  • Choose weekly ‘Prayer of the Week’ which is posted in each classroom.
  • Suggest ideas for RE resources.
  • Help to lead assemblies.
  • Work with other Chaplaincy Teams.
  • Promote bible stories.
  • Maintain our Prayer Room.

We have also thought of how we can work together. The following are our five top tips to help us be a successful Chaplaincy Team.

  • Listen to each other’s ideas.
  • Communicate with all the team members, school and parish.
  • Encourage everyone when making decisions, to share their ideas and to try their best.
  • Include everyone when making decisions.
  • Lead by example, love everyone especially people you don’t get on with.

To become a member of the Chaplaincy Team we had to do the following:

  • Apply for the job by completing an application form stating why we were suitable for the job and why we wanted it.

The Salvation Army

We went to visit  the Salvation Army to hand over a cheque  from fundraising at our school.

So what is the Salvation Army ?

The Salvation Army is a worldwide Christian and registered charity, who help all people of any age ,background and needs.

In 1865 the Salvation Army was born here in the East End of London by founder William Booth,who help the poor and needy.

A 150 years on and the Salvation Army is still going on strong, working  in 128 countries and helping millions of people.

Poplar Salvation Army is the oldest building in the Association. The building is massive.They have their own cafe and play and work stations in different areas , a Church,a lounge cafe and charity shop.Our favorite room was the music room and the recording studio.They have a food bank each week to help the local community. They have strong links with St Matthias and Sister Chris.

We feel the money raised by our school will help with the many challenges the Salvation Army gets in helping peoples needs.