Super Hero Vs Super Human

In years 1 and 2, we have been discussing some of our favourite Super Heroes and highlighting their strengths and what it is that makes them so “super”. Using the information the children had shared, we then decided on some sports that these super heroes might be quite good at and found some top level athletes to compare them too.

We decided that the Hulk was very big, strong and powerful and might be good at Rugby, just like Maro Itoje, an England international rugby player.

The flash is extremely fast and we thought that would make him a good short distance sprinter, just like Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter and current world record holder (9.58 seconds) for the 100m race.

Spiderman can jump and leap over large distances and we decided that would make him very successful at the long jump event in the Olympics, just like Greg Rutherford who holds the British record of 8.51 metres in the event.

Finally, we discussed Wonder Woman and decided that she had all round attributes and was good at running, jumping and throwing, just like Jessica Ennis-Hill, a British, gold medal winning, Olympic Heptathlete. The winner of a Heptathlon is the person with the most points after 7 events (110metre hurdles, 200metre sprint, 800 metre race, shot put, javelin, long jump and high jump).


Do you know of any other super heroes that you can compare to a sporting super human?

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