Persistence Pays Off

At OLSJ, we’re always extremely proud of those who make the extra effort to take part in activities outside of school. We have many students across all year groups that take part in a wide variety of activities, with football being the most popular.

This particular student has been working to her full potential all season long, always trying her best, progressing technically and tactically to be the best player she can be.
All her hard work has paid off as she has been awarded the ‘Most Persistent’ player award by her club.

Well done, and keep working hard!

2 comments on “Persistence Pays Off

  • Teresa Parker says:

    Well done Issy so proud of all your hard work and commitment and thank you Mr Cuming for giving the girls the opportunity to play football as that’s what got Issy interested in football.

    • daniel.cuming says:

      Issy has been fantastic on a regular basis and always works hard and I’m so happy that her talent and effort is being recognised outside of school also. Well done Issy!


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