The Animal XI

Year 4 were set a challenge to create a football team, from animals. The challenge was to think of which attributes make a good footballer? And which positions suit which players best? Do defenders need to be fast? or strong? or both? Does it help if you’re taller?

In their groups, they started by making notes on the back of the cards, writing down whether the animals were fast or slow, strong or weak, tall or short, large or slim as well as any other information, such as being able to jump high or change direction quickly.

Another thing year 4 had to consider was their compatibility. would all these animals be able to work together? and is it important that every player can cooperate and work as part of team? They quickly identified 3 pairs of animals that are predator and prey. The fox<rabbit, the cheetah<gazelle and the lion<zebra.

Take a look at the pictures below of all the animals they were allowed to choose from and their final animal XI.
Do you think you could pick a better animal XI?



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