OLSJ Sports Person of the Year 2017

After an exceptionally successful year at OLSJ in terms of sport, the 2017 sports person of the year has been chosen.

With so many children constantly delivering high standards of sport during PE lessons throughout the year, with excellent presentation of their PE kit, excellent and regular attendance in after school clubs and fantastic levels of achievement by our amazing sports teams in borough competitions. It was certainly a difficult choice, with so many nominee’s to consider.

OLSJ’s first ever girls football team managed to reach the semi final of their first tournament without conceding a goal, before losing the semi final on penalties. Excellent performances from every girl who attended and represented our school.

Our year 5 boys football team, after winning their cluster qualifying tournament (without conceding a single goal), played against the other top sides in the borough finals and lost to the eventual winners in the quarter final, meaning we are one of the top 8 football teams in all of tower hamlets, leaving us all feeling very proud.

Our first hockey tournament of the year, attended by 48 teams, a massive tournament organised by the tower hamlets youth foundation. OLSJ topped their group by winning every game, no goals conceded and scoring freely. After winning the quarter final, we stumbled to a 2-1 defeat in the semi final, a huge achievement.

OLSJ attended our local hockey cluster qualifying tournament with three teams, all three teams played really well and two teams met each other in the semi finals. Our winning side went on to win the cluster and qualify for the borough finals competition. 7 teams attended the borough finals including OLSJ, and with 1 loss 3 draws and 2 wins, we finished 3rd. The 3rd best team in all of tower hamlets, and unbeaten in games against the winners and runners up. Our hockey team have played exceptionally well throughout the year and achieved massive amounts of success.

Sports day this year, a huge success, the highest points tally ever at an OLSJ sports day. Well done to all who took part, you were all brilliant, and thank you to all who came to watch, support and cheer for everyone. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did.

OLSJ took 9 children to the tower hamlets swimming gala with amazing results. We had 6 heat winners, including 3 finalists who finished 5th, 4th and 3rd. Well done to all of you.

With so many sporting achievements this year, deciding the winner of this award was no easy task. However, this child has made immense improvements during PE throughout the year, learning new skills, developing existing skills as well as improving their attitude towards sportsmanship, fair play and understanding tactics in games. This child has extended their hard work into after school sports clubs which has helped their development. This child is so passionate and enthusiastic about sport and has been an absolute pleasure to teach this year. Congratulations, and keep up the hard work next year!


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