St Valentine’s Day

This week on Friday is St Valentines day. We have been very busy making our cards to the person we love. We decorated a heart using pink and red paint and we did the writing for inside the card using our name cards to help us. We also have been baking love heart biscuits which we have decorated. Hope you enjoy them!

The Three Billy goats Gruff

This week we have been reading the story of The Three Billy Goats. We played in the sand and the tuff tray with the troll, bridge and goats. We have been building bridges out of different material.

In Maths, we have been exploring weight using different objects to weigh. We explored heavy and light using these objects, ranging from a big balloon to a small stone.

Goldilocks and the three bears

This week we have reading the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. We have been very busy this week making own own bears from college materials. We also made porridge and got to taste it. It was Delicious! In Maths, we were learning about size and ordering the bears according to size.