This week in Nursery…

This week, we had a class mass with Father Keith. It was wonderful for all the children to take part in the proceedings of mass, and it was also amazing to see some of the children standing up in front of the group and do the readings. We all enjoyed it very much, and would like to say thank you to all the parents who were able to attend.

We have also been very excited to watch our caterpillars grow this week! We have been watching them moving around in their pot, eating their food and growing bigger and bigger. We have been learning about the life cycle of the caterpillars, and can’t wait to see them turn into beautiful butterflies!

On Monday, our eggs arrived in their incubator! It was so exciting to watch the eggs all week, because we actually got to see them hatch, and the chicks were adorable! The tiny chicks pecked their way out of the egg shells slowly, and they looked wet and floppy when they emerged. After a while, they dried off and started looking very cute and fluffy, and we put them into their cage with their food, water and special heater. We have been watching them all week, learning about their life cycle, drawing and painting them, and we even got to hold them! What an exciting and interesting week!



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