Joshua Class Trip to Dominos

This week, Joshua class went on a trip to Dominos.

We braved the wet, windy weather and walked to Dominos early in the morning. When we got there, we took turns to go into the kitchen and make our own pizzas. The man who worked there showed us how he uses balls of dough to make pizza bases by stretching the dough, and then he covered each base with tomato sauce. We then got to choose whether we wanted to put cheese or pepperoni on our pizzas. After adding the toppings to our pizza bases, we watched them baking in the hot oven, and then the lady who worked there put them into their boxes.

Finally, our pizzas were delivered to school later and we got to take them home and eat them for dinner. It was so exciting and our pizzas were delicious!

Thank you to all the mums who were able to come with us on the trip and help support the children, we really do appreciate it!

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